Shoalhaven Regional Gallery Nowra presents a vibrant exhibition program featuring contemporary and traditional works, a diverse range of touring exhibitions by leading Australian and Shoalhaven artists, community based exhibitions and works from the Shoalhaven City Art Collection.

Our exhibition program changes every four to eight weeks, with the gallery closing for installation in the week preceding each Saturday opening date. 

Current Exhibitions



Graham Blondel

Sat 02 Apr -

Sat 28 May

Main and Foyer Galleries

Graham Blondel’s abstract artworks have a diverse universal narrative derived from his domestic life, extensive travels, street art, his interest in all cultures, especially tribal and a love of art history. There are elements of Pop art and graphic street art in his works.

Image: Graham Blondel, 'Face Off' 2021, mixed media on wallpaper, 50 x 41.5cm


Sat 02 Apr -

Sat 28 May

Access and East Galleries

'These Stories Will be Different' brings together three of the artist’s most significant video installations, including The City of Ladies (with Elise McLeod) 2017, The Beehive 2018, and Stories of Kannagi 2019. Between them, these works reimagine a medieval feminist utopia, probe the unsolved murder of a high-profile anti-gentrification campaigner and explore the connections between love, loss, and language in diasporic communities in Australia.

Image: Zanny Begg, 'Stories of Kannagi' (still) 2019. Image courtesy of the artist

Future Exhibitions


Creative Moments

Shoalhaven Woodcraft Society, Nowra Spinners & Weavers and Shoalhaven Potters

Sat 04 Jun -

Sat 25 Jun

Foyer, Access & East Gallery

This exhibition provides local artisans an opportunity to display their creative talents. 2022’s theme is ‘Earthborn’. Although the three mediums featured are very diverse, they complement each other, enhancing and enriching the viewing experience.

Image: Alan Stasiukynas, wooden mushroom earring holders, various timbers


Sat 04 Jun -

Sat 25 Jun

Main Gallery

​Mexican born, Lissa’s playground was her Mum’s Mexico City gallery, representing the works of Rivera, Siqueiros, Khalo and Zuniga. In 1982, Lissa emigrated to Australia with partner Andrew, both graphic designers, artists & musicians. The familiarity of Indigenous culture, synonymous too of flora and fauna, made her fall in love with her new home.
Totems and representations of nature and culture created in the Mexican ex-voto miracle style, gives thanks to the many events challenging the region the last few years: fires, floods and COVID.

Image: Lissa Barnum, Save the Animals Bus (detail)


Points on a Path

Grace Burzese

Sat 02 Jul -

Sat 27 Aug

Main and Foyer Galleries

Grace Burzese works in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics. Her process based art making is inspired by the exploration and play of colour, materials and form. Abstraction for Grace allows for an open identification with how one relates to being. In the questioning of self, feelings and perceptions are reduced to colour, mark and form - a language and sensibility which does not identify with known or understood imagery, but rather how something is sensed and embodied.

Image: Grace Burzese, 'Lines of Volet' 1997, acrylic on linen, 59 x 58cm (detail)


Sat 02 Jul -

Sat 27 Aug

East Gallery

Back in the day, Australian families aspired to have a room called the parlour - a public space where friends and neighbours might visit at home for cups of tea or games or music - and always, conversation. It’s an old fashioned notion that somehow feels contemporary again as we rediscover the simple pleasures of our domestic spaces. Starting from the samples of upholstery fabrics inspired by the Meroogal interiors I made for my entry in the Meroogal Art Prize, I am decorating an imaginary parlour that answers the question, ‘What would the Meroogal Sisters have made?’

Image: Julie Paterson, 'Occasional Table' (Detail) 2021, Found table, house paint and printed linen, 35 x 35 x 75cm


Valley Pathways

James Gulliver Hancock

Sat 02 Jul -

Sat 27 Aug

Access Gallery

By combining media ranging from ceramic, woodwork, painting and collage James Gulliver Hancock explores an evolving relationship with the South Coast environment and the effect it has had on him. James’ practice as an artist and illustrator has previously focused on documenting urban environments and pathways that connect people to cities, however this exhibition sees a return to the Australian landscape. Looking through a nostalgic lens, the graphics of South Coast 1980’s surf town designs from childhood have been recently reinterpreted in the dense rainforest in which he now lives and works.

Image: James Gulliver Hancock 'Valley Pathway 1' (detail) 2021, paper collage



Nettie Sumner

Sat 01 Oct -

Sat 26 Nov

Access Gallery

'KINSHIP: a story woven into a tapestry of folklore, of ancestors, of love: knitted together,' is comprised of a series of hand-made, hand knitted wall hangings and sculptures are presented together to form a conversation about family ancestors and local folklore. Nettie Sumner aims to explore the revival of traditional craft as well as the re-emergence of ancient crafts. Her artworks reimagine ancestral forms of storytelling through knitting, weaving and tapestries, using current methodologies and contemporary contexts. Inspiration has been gathered from a range of craft artefacts including the Tristan Quilt (one of the oldest surviving quilts) and the Galloway Hoard of Viking objects as well as ancient bush art.

Image: Nettie Sumner, 'Meander'