The Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra presents a vibrant exhibition program featuring contemporary and traditional works, a diverse range of touring exhibitions by leading Australian and Shoalhaven artists, community based exhibitions and works from the Shoalhaven City Art Collection.

Our exhibition program changes every six to eight weeks, and we celebrate each new group of shows with an opening celebration on the first Saturday from 12 – 2pm. These launches provide a chance to meet gallery artists, curators and staff and all are welcome. Please note the gallery closes for installation in the week preceding each launch.

Current Exhibitions


Sat 05 Oct -

Sat 23 Nov

Main and Foyer Galleries

NOW Contemporary Art Prize aims to inspire artists to consider contemporary art as more than something created recently, and to reflect on the ways contemporary art has, and continues to, push boundaries and comment on our world and the artist’s place in it. This year’s selected artworks will respond to the exhibition theme "pushes boundaries, responds to our world, is dynamic and personal"



Greer Taylor

Sat 05 Oct -

Sat 23 Nov

Access Gallery

These works are a response to a moment in time in the cycle of life in a wild place.
Nature is engrossed in an ever-becoming cycle and these works intercept that cycle, if only for a moment.

Image: Greer Taylor, Crushed wattle flowers on pebble in dry river bed


Two Rivers

Michelle Hiscock

Sat 05 Oct -

Sat 23 Nov

East Gallery

A series of works juxtaposing impressions of the Shoalhaven River with the MacDonald River, a tributary of the Hawkesbury. After a residency at St Albans Michelle was inspired to return to the more familiar Shoalhaven sites with a new awareness of the historical narrative to record the mood and atmosphere and discover what lies beneath the surface of appearances.

Image: Michelle Hiscock, Before the Storm

Future Exhibitions


Altered States

Tamara Dean & Nicole Welch

Sat 30 Nov -

Sat 08 Feb

All galleries

Altered States explores Australian identity and our changing relationship with our environment through photographs of the Australian Landscape which have been modified by the hand of the artist. By adjusting the expected vista, with the addition of foreign objects, figures or projections, these artists cause us to look twice at their works and question the land we inhabit and how we relate to it, now and throughout history.

Image: Elephant Ear (Alocasia odora) in Autumn, 2017, 150 x 200cm, Archival pigment print on cotton rag