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Altered States

Tamara Dean & Nicole Welch

Sat 30 Nov -

Sat 08 Feb

All galleries

Altered States explores Australian identity and our changing relationship with our environment through photographs of the Australian Landscape which have been modified by the hand of the artist. By adjusting the expected vista, with the addition of foreign objects, figures or projections, these artists cause us to look twice at their works and question the land we inhabit and how we relate to it, now and throughout history.

Image: Tamara Dean - Messmate Stringybark, Nicole Welch - Apparition I



Paula do Prado

Sat 07 Sep -

Sat 28 Sep

Main Gallery

Iya-nla means big mother. Using laborious techniques such as crochet and hand beading, Paula combines domestic cloths passed down from women in her family with recycled fabrics and yarns. The works function as sensorial triggers to explore the intersections of Paula’s family history with the Atlantic slave trade, colonisation and migration.

Image: Paula Do Prado, 'Armour'


Off the Beaten Track

Donna Caffrey, Margaret Gollen, Prue Hill, Linda Taglieri and Diana Thomas

Sat 08 Jun -

Sat 27 Jul

Main Gallery

Five textile artists interpret the theme Off the Beaten Track, providing a starting point from which the concept of difference can be explored. The works produced have historical and contemporary references. Some artists use unusual techniques in a traditional manner, while others use traditional techniques in unusual ways.

Image: Linda Taglieri, Castle Wall


Sat 08 Dec -

Sat 09 Feb

All Galleries

For Guy Warren personal experience and memory are vitally important, intertwining with subject matter across his works. Certain events and places had such strong impact that they appear constantly throughout the paintings, prints and drawings Warren has produced over the past six decades.
A canoeing trip down the Shoalhaven River Warren undertook in 1939, at the age of sixteen, and a block of land at the head of the Jamberoo valley on which Warren built a shed have both been integral to his practice. Images of the river, canoe and the ‘hut on the hill,’ all imbued with memories and fantasies, are a strong presence throughout his works and the complex overlapping of form found within the rainforest has impacted depth and patterning across his entire oeuvre.

Image: Guy Warren, River Series, 2007


Painting in the Same Language - A Different Vocabulary

Vicki Varvaressos, curated by Max Dingle

Sat 13 Oct -

Sat 01 Dec

Main Gallery

Vicki Varvaressos’ works emphasize her inner feelings and emotions over objective depictions. Her dramatic figures contrast with a limited palette applied in broad, loaded brush strokes. After twenty years as a renowned figurative artist, her style eased its way into abstraction, and since then Vicki continues to work in both styles, with some paintings seemingly transitioning in-between.

Image: Vicki Varvaressos, Woman with thing in the air, 1993, acrylic & oil on board, 138 x 122 cm


Jamberoo Mountain Road

Contemporary Australian Artists

Sat 09 Jun -

Sat 04 Aug

Main and Foyer Galleries

Works resulting from an artist residency at Jamberoo by artists Riste Andrievski, Gina Bruce, Ann Cape, Michelle Cawthorn, Steve Lopes, Euan Macleod, Robert Malherbe, Max Miller, Paul Ryan, Luke Sciberras, Peter Sharp, Ann Thomson, and Guy Warren.

Image: Steve Lopes, 'Jamberoo Study'


Sat 07 Apr -

Sat 02 Jun

Main and Foyer Galleries

Promiscuous Provenance will interrogate the strangeness of the early colonial artists' first encounters with the Australian landscape. Using a range of different media, artist Anna Glynn will populate her own antipodean world with strange hybrid manifestations to invoke curiosity and wonder.

Image: Anna Glynn, 'Colonial Hybrid Reimagined from Joseph Lycett - View of the Female Orphan School near Parramatta'