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Points on a Path

Grace Burzese

Sat 02 Jul -

Sat 27 Aug

Main and Foyer Galleries

Grace Burzese works in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics. Her process based art making is inspired by the exploration and play of colour, materials and form. Abstraction for Grace allows for an open identification with how one relates to being. In the questioning of self, feelings and perceptions are reduced to colour, mark and form - a language and sensibility which does not identify with known or understood imagery, but rather how something is sensed and embodied.

Image: Grace Burzese, 'Lines of Volet' 1997, acrylic on linen, 59 x 58cm (detail)


Sat 05 Feb -

Sat 26 Mar

Main Gallery

Prominent Sydney artist Peter Sharp presents forty ‘plein air’ paintings selected from his practice over the past thirty years. These works reflect the artist’s travels around regional and remote Australia and have become part of his ‘toolkit’ for larger abstract works. In situ Photographs of the painted view illuminate the artist’s process of capturing the essence of the landscapes with which he engages.

Image: Peter Sharp, Wash A Woman's Beach 2019, acrylic on board



Michelle Cawthorn

Sat 10 Jul -

Sat 28 Aug

Main Gallery

Within her practice, Sydney based artist Michelle Cawthorn engages with memory as an agent of creativity in artistic practice. For the exhibition 'Songbird', the artist considers the ways that birdsong can link memory with place through a series of drawing and collage works that offer a visual expression of her aural experience, both past and present.

Image: Michelle Cawthorn, 'Interloper' 2021, Archival ink, Indian ink, paper collage and acrylic on Hahnemühle paper, 108 x 156 cm (detail)


Spaces in Between

Virginia Coventry & Jan King

Sat 17 Apr -

Sat 05 Jun

Main and Foyer Galleries

Spaces in Between explores the world of two of Australia’s most accomplished artists, both of whom have been developing their art over the last 50 years. While both King and Coventry’s art is abstract and at first glance seems very different, they are in fact very close in their approach the art making; both responding to light and space.

Image: L: Jan King, 'Triad' R: Virginia Coventry, 'Vertere (to turn)'


the TERRA within

Curated by Warwick Keen

Sat 10 Oct -

Sat 05 Dec

Main and Foyer Gallery

the TERRA within is a major exhibition exploring the themes impact and survival in relation to the 250th Anniversary of Cook’s voyage to the east coast of Australia, featuring powerful artworks by more than 30 Indigenous artists.

It addresses the impacts of the past 250 years of colonisation and celebrates the survival of the oldest living culture in the world. Drawing from artists across Australia, with a particular focus on South Coast voices, this exhibition brings together traditional and contemporary art, exploring the multitude of experiences and perspectives of this significant anniversary. It acknowledges the trauma, brings new and different voices to light and provides a place to celebrate the continuation of culture, knowledge and connection to country.

Image: Teena McCarthy, 'Sorrow' (detail) 2018, inkjet on silk cloth, 146 x 90cm, Courtesy of the Artist