Past Exhibition Details

A Quiet Place

Keith Tubb

Sat 10 Jul -

Sat 28 Aug

Foyer Gallery
Image: Keith Tubb, 'Booderee Botanic Garden 3' 2021, acrylic and charcoal on paper, 57 x 83cm

The work in this exhibition was inspired by my visits to the Botanic Garden in Booderee National Park. I first visited the garden around five years ago and immediately felt a strong connection to the place. The atmosphere was very special and evoked many feelings, one of which was that childhood sense of wonder of being in a strange and magical place.

I find certain places have these intangible qualities about them and have always felt the need to try and express this visually by reinterpreting them in a new or different personal way.

Gardens have always played an important part in my life and I’ve worked in and visited many over the years. There is something about that close connection with nature that for me ignites the imagination as well as providing important emotional restoration. The title refers not only to the physical place but also to that quiet place in the mind.

- Keith Tubb 2021