Past Exhibition Details

ART – maker, patron, lover

Gary Grealy

Sat 15 Jul -

Sat 02 Sep

Main & Foyer Galleries
Image: Gary Grealy, ‘Richard Morecroft and Alison Mackay’.

In this series of portraits, professional photographer Gary Grealy captures some of the most unique characters of Australia’s art world.  Inhabited by the talented, strong, generous and at times eccentric art patrons, gallery directors, art lovers and artists, this world is portrayed as a carefully constructed and realised universe with film noir overtones. 

In this exhibition, the sitters await the gaze of the viewer in much the same way as their curated, purchased or created artworks.  From the doyens of public and private galleries such as Edmund Capon, Frank Watters and Geoffrey Legge; art patrons and collectors, Gene Sherman, John Kaldor and Dr John Yu; to renowned artists Adam Cullen, Jenny Sages, Robert Klippel and Jiawei Shen, Grealy has followed his passion for recording these important contributors to Australia’s cultural heritage.