Past Exhibition Details

Beneath Blue Skies: Small failures of vision and moral courage

Judith Reardon

Sat 13 Mar -

Sat 10 Apr

East Gallery
Image: Judith Reardon, 'Infinite Traces of History and a Tailwind of Privilege #4' (detail), 2019, hand tinted ink jet print on cotton rag, 60 x 40 cm

Judith Reardon explores the masternarrative of coloniser denial running through the discursive spaces of our society, and the moral choices we make in our daily lives which uphold the narrative. Her work examines the structures of colonialism which continue to deny Aboriginal peoples their rightful place in our shared history, and a voice in managing the land.
As a descendant of early settler/colonisers Judith recognises that at the very least her ancestors remained silent about local massacres. Judith disrupts, destabilises and subverts colonial mythologies to uncover some of the hidden story of our history, and reveal our resistance to remembrance.