Past Exhibition Details


Linda Dening Student Exhibition 2019

Fri 13 Dec -

Sat 11 Jan

North Gallery
Image: Examples of student works

This exhibition is from three groups of drawers that are students of Linda Dening. Two groups meet once a week for a four hour class. One class, a beginner group, meet for two hours a week. This exhibition includes all groups and is a culmination of examples of class exercises over this year.

The exercises developed for these classes vary each week. They are a mixture of structured learning and individual interpretation of the lesson. Working with composition, process, studying art and artists as well as with a variety of materials and techniques; giving students opportunities to learn in an enjoyable supportive group.

Some comments from students. “Four of the best hours of the week.” “Creative and explorative; full of energy and possibility. The works in progress always a revelation.” “Each drawing day you can walk in as a blank canvas and walk out full of lines, colour and expression.” “Favourite day of the week – challenging, fun and stimulating, good company, a wonderful creative time, we all need it to survive this crazy world”. “Within quite structured teaching, diverse and surprising artwork is created”.

This is the seventh year this student exhibition is being held at The Shoalhaven Regional Gallery. Exhibiting at the Gallery gives students the opportunity to view their works in a gallery setting, and therefore, to some extent objectively. This is a form of critique which is invaluable for developing as an artist.