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Greer Taylor

Sat 05 Oct -

Sat 23 Nov

Access Gallery
Image: Greer Taylor, Crushed wattle flowers on pebble in dry river bed

There are two aspects to my 'wild-place practice': small ephemeral artworks and writing, made during visits to wild places. These works are a response to a moment in time in the cycle of life in a wild place.

Nature is engrossed in an ever-becoming cycle and the work I make intercepts that cycle, if only for a moment. The ephemeral artworks I make in wild places are made using only the things I find around me on that day; they have all now decayed or blow away, their parts having returned to the process of becoming something else, that is the cycle of nature... Their momentary dance, choreographed by me, documented in the fraction of a second that it takes to open and close the shutter of a camera.

Images of some of these artworks have been published in a book called?ephemeral together with some of my 'wild-place' writing.