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Nebuchadnezzar Tree Dreaming

Louisa Chircop

Sat 05 Feb -

Sat 26 Feb

Access Gallery
Image: Louisa Chircop, 'Nebuchadnezzar Tree Dreaming (series)' mixed media on paper, 50cm x 40cm

I fell in love with a tree. As ludicrous as it sounds, this was no ordinary tree. It was a tree within a tree. And as my love for it grew, so did my need to connect with its environment.

This infatuation began in 2018 when I was Artist-in-Residence at Bundanon Trust. I made a subconscious connection to this tree through Arthur Boyd’s painting: ‘Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the tree’ 1966-69. The discovery took me on a journey like Nebuchadnezzar, on a lusting experience to creatively claim everything around me without any acknowledgement of God.

The exhibition illustrates personal and universal evocations exploring power, lust, greed, pleasure, guilt and emotional, spiritual and physical deprivation and highlights my ongoing interest in hybrid dialogues between art history and psychological phenomenons.

Each work on paper is accompanied by a response in clay to further reinforce surreal and existential insights into the artists’ work and creative process.

- Louisa Chircop 2021