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River Rainforest Rock

Guy Warren

Sat 08 Dec -

Sat 09 Feb

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Image: Guy Warren, River Series, 2007

For Guy Warren personal experience and memory are vitally important, and intertwine with subject matter across his works. Certain events and places were so moving and left such strong visual memories that they appear throughout the paintings, prints and drawings Warren has produced over the past six decades.

One such experience was a canoeing trip down the Shoalhaven River Warren undertook with his brother in 1939, at the age of sixteen. While this was an at times harrowing and exhausting experience, decades on it is the intense beauty of the area and the image of the boat that stayed with Warren and appear consistently in his works.

Warren’s connection with the South Coast of New South Wales deepened when he purchased a block of land at the head of the Jamberoo valley, half way up the escarpment. Since then ‘that particular bit of bush has been a constant source of ideas, imagery and energy’ for his work. Not only has the rainforest been depicted frequently, the complex overlapping of form found within has been an integral part of his practice as a whole, impacting depth and patterning across his oeuvre. The shed, or ‘hut on the hill’ he and his wife built at Jamberoo, and which is imbued with memories and fantasies, also remains a strong presence throughout his practice.  

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