Johnathan Dalton, ‘Angela’

Learn more about Johnathan Dalton's wonderful portrait of fellow artist Angela Tiatia in our second Archibald Prize 2020 Deep Dive

Deep Dive - Tsering Hannaford's 'Self Portrait after 'Allegory of Painting'

In our first Archibald Prize 2020 Deep Dive, Bronwyn explores Tsering Hannaford’s captivating self portrait.

If you've got a favourite portrait you'd like to see featured in this series let us know!

The Archibald Prize is an Art Gallery of NSW Touring Exhibition.

Richard Morecroft interviews Michelle Cawthorn

Richard Morecroft talks to Michelle Cawthorn about her show 'Songbird,' on display at SRG from 10 July - 28 August 2021.

Exhibition walk through - Michelle Cawthorn, Keith Tubb, Bonnie Porter Greene, Adrian Baiada & Jeanette Stok

Get an insightful behind the scenes look at our current exhibitions in our latest video!
Hear from Michelle Cawthorn and Jeanette Stok and see images of all four shows up and looking beautiful.

New Horizons Awards

Explore this year's exhibition of local HSC works and learn which students were awarded prizes from S&S Wholesale and the Shoalhaven Art Society!

Aunty Deidre Martin and Nicole Monks discuss 'Connections: Your Connection, My Connection, OUR CONNECTIONS'

A stand out work of WONDER + DREAD is 'Connections: Your Connection, My Connection, OUR CONNECTIONS,' a collaborative commissioned installation from Yuin artist Aunty Deidre Martin and Yamaji Wajarri, Dutch and English artist Nicole Monks. Hear Nicole and Aunty Deidre speak with exhibition curator Danielle Robson of Soda Arts about the work, which explores First Peoples' relationship with land and the seasons.

Lara Merrett Discusses 'What we Leave Behind'

If you've visited WONDER + DREAD you would have seen (and may have contributed to!) Lara Merrett's incredible installation 'What we Leave Behind.' Watch this video to get an idea of how Lara created the work and the ideas behind it, then come in to see how much the work has changed since this was recorded!

Fire:Ground Artist Walk with Leanne Waterhouse and Penny Sadubin

Learn more about artists Leanne Waterhouse and Penny Sadubin and the meditative walk through fire affected areas in the Shoalhaven that they guided in December 2020.

Glenn Barkley Studio Visit

We visited artist Glenn Barkley's Berry studio to hear more about the works he created for WONDER + DREAD.

Virtual Launch - 'the TERRA within'

Join Mayor Amanda Findley and Curator Warwick Keen for a virtual tour and introduction to 'the TERRA within'

Virtual Opening and Tour - 'Gifted and Creative Moments'

While we can't have live openings at the moment, we didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate the two wonderful exhibitions currently on show.

Studio Sessions - Mark Making with Acrylic and Charcoal

Using acrylic paint, charcoal and unstretched canvas, Fiona explores possibilities of mark making.

Richard Morecroft interviews Ann and Sophie Cape about 'An Unending Shadow'

Richard Morecroft has produced a fantastic video on Ann and Sophie Cape's powerful exhibition 'An Unending Shadow.'
Ann and Sophie generously share emotional insights into the difficult process of creating works about dementia - the disease that affected their husband and father. The video reveals much about the works on display and the deeper meanings that lie behind them.

Abstract Expressionism

Fiona gives us a peek into Bernard McGrath's 'Shaken II' currently on show at the Gallery, with a few added art tips.

The Arty Gardener - School Holiday Workshop

In this free workshop Nicole will teach you how to make a cool portrait based on the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo - who paints heads made up entirely of fruit and vegetables!

Matisse Magic - School Holiday Workshop

Get inspired by French artist Matisse and create a beautiful cut out collage

Studio Session - Australian Tonalism

In this Studio Session Fiona looks at Australian Tonalism, including the work of Clarice Beckett and Max Meldrum. She then shows you and how to create some of these effects in your own plein air painting.

Spacescape - School Holiday workshop

Join Nicole and create a fabulous planet diorama then use filters to get some great shots of your artwork

Art Tips - Drawing with Charcoal

Would you like to know more about drawing with charcoal? In this week's Art Tips Fiona explores different types of paper and charcoal and the effects you can achieve. Play with light and shadow to create a beautiful drawing.

Behind the Scenes at the Gallery

Have a look at what it takes to install an exhibition

Studio Sessions - Acrylic Painting on Plywood

If you enjoyed working on ply in last week's studio session, scale it up and create a large finished work using acrylic paint with Fiona!

Studio Sessions - Plywood

Ever wondered about painting on plywood? Fiona will teach you the best size to use, what materials to apply and how they react to the ply

Slow Looking

Fiona shows you how to slow down and really appreciate an artwork, by examining beautiful works from the Shoalhaven City Art Collection

Courtyard Creations - Cardboard Model Houses

Play architect and design a fabulous house out of all the cardboard you have at home!

Studio Sessions - Still Life

Fiona looks at the work of Giorgio Morandi and creates a beautiful still life work based on his practice. This activity is adaptable for primary aged children and above

Art Tips - Acrylic Paint

Have you ever wondered about the difference between tint, shade and tone or how best to mix your paints to create new colours?

Fiona can help with that - watch on for some great acrylic painting tips!

Egg Carton Animals - Courtyard Creations

Have some egg cartons lying around? Grab the kids and join Fiona as she shows you how to make cute creatures!

Art Tips - How To Use Your Drawing Pencils

Are you getting into drawing but not sure what the different grades of pencils are? Or how to hold your pencil correctly?

Flower Craft - Courtyard Creations

In this Courtyard Creation Fiona shows you step by step how to make beautiful flower art from a toilet roll, by using items regularly found around your home.