Studio Sessions - Plywood

Ever wondered about painting on plywood? Fiona will teach you the best size to use, what materials to apply and how they react to the ply

Slow Looking

Fiona shows you how to slow down and really appreciate an artwork, by examining beautiful works from the Shoalhaven City Art Collection

Courtyard Creations - Cardboard Model Houses

Play architect and design a fabulous house out of all the cardboard you have at home!

Studio Sessions - Still Life

Fiona looks at the work of Giorgio Morandi and creates a beautiful still life work based on his practice. This activity is adaptable for primary aged children and above

Art Tips - Acrylic Paint

Have you ever wondered about the difference between tint, shade and tone or how best to mix your paints to create new colours?

Fiona can help with that - watch on for some great acrylic painting tips!

Egg Carton Animals - Courtyard Creations

Have some egg cartons lying around? Grab the kids and join Fiona as she shows you how to make cute creatures!

Art Tips - How To Use Your Drawing Pencils

Are you getting into drawing but not sure what the different grades of pencils are? Or how to hold your pencil correctly?

Flower Craft - Courtyard Creations

In this Courtyard Creation Fiona shows you step by step how to make beautiful flower art from a toilet roll, by using items regularly found around your home.