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Valley Pathways

James Gulliver Hancock

Sat 02 Jul -

Sat 27 Aug

Access Gallery
Image: James Gulliver Hancock 'Valley Pathway 1' (detail) 2021, paper collage

By combining media ranging from ceramic, woodwork, painting and collage James Gulliver Hancock explores an evolving relationship with the South Coast environment and the effect it has had on him. James’ practice as an artist and illustrator has previously focused on documenting urban environments and pathways that connect people to cities, however this exhibition sees a return to the Australian landscape. Looking through a nostalgic lens, the graphics of South Coast 1980’s surf town designs from childhood have been recently reinterpreted in the dense rainforest in which he now lives and works. 
A winding creative pathway within the rainforest has created new visual relationships between james’ illustrative style and the local landscape, re-forming them with a playful multi-media practice. A river through a valley becomes a carved squiggle, an estuary butting up to an escarpment a block of colour, the shapes of native flora become a set of abstract ceramic icons. These new perceptions have created a personal map of place creating pathways through the local environment which aim towards a universal appreciation of place. 

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